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In games on ren'py, avatar katara porn console opens the same way:

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She was now completely exposed and open to Aang, ready for round two.

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To tell the truth, Iroh would be stroking his own hard cock if he could just reach it, but because the crystals held him firmly in place, he was not moving anywhere soon.

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Getting hard wasn't a problem for Zuko at all; he had been hard ever since he laid eyes on the beautiful teen Katara.

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In fact, she had only had to take Azula's pregnancy potion once, and since Azula had none left to spare, her womb was completely vulnerable to Sokka's potent semen.

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He got dressed quickly and after Toph had cleaned herself up a little, they took Bosco and the Earth King to Appa.

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He gave Katara no warning at all; he just slammed his shaft as deep into her as possible and began to shake uncontrollably.

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As far as Katara was concerned, Zuko was behind the whole scheme and was working with his evil sister to track down Aang.

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