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Materbating in the shower

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It can be transmitted from one infected person to an uninfected person by unprotected sex.

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When i noticed that my own semen had entered a cut along with hot shower water i thought i might have hiv.

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Jan 2, Materbating in the shower, ive been masturbating for like 2 months in the same bed covers Will the sperm have accumulated and turned into some sort of disease so that if i masturbate i will catch it from my bed?

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See below.

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Sep 8, Yo doc, Ur da greatest!

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The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified health care professional.

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The answer is no!

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Bob Will this give me a disease or virus of any sort?

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But why would that raise concerns about HIV?

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Could I have gotten HIV from this incident?

And that's you, right?!?

Frascino Hello, You are 21 and you are still concerned about contracting HIV from yourself via masturbation and contact with your own spunk???

With the soon-to-be President Obama, I'm quite confident we'll have a return of science-based, age-appropriate sex education to our schools.

That is truly disgusting.

I am a bi-curious male and I wanted to know.

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