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Pedal steel lick for guitar

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Our first descending note is a 5 into a 5.

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The pattern is played twice.

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I've included some common embellishments to this interval including bends, bend releases and half step approach bends.

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This intro lick includes a treasure trove of great ideas:

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Though it will look like a Gmaj7th shape, against the A7 it will sound as a A13th arpeggio.

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We'll tweak this pattern to incorporate a bend over the IV chord.

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This gives me the ability to do some creative bends by having room on the fretboard to bend the D string up and pull the G string down.

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Climbing the Fence:

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Steel players love to play IV chords over I chords.

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Then, we walk down to the root.

We'll slide up on the same two strings to the 5th and 2nd and again to the root and 5th.

The progression is D-D7-D6-D7.

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