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Cultural Implications of the Soccer Phenomenon in America

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But in New Jersey and elsewhere, Araton tells us, grown women with children and husbands and commitments are getting together on the soccer field.

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Besides, baseball and soccer are qualitatively different.

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Not soccer moms.

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Some of my fellow junior coaches buy clipboards and stopwatches before they step on a practice field.

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Go for goal:

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There are colleges with intercollegiate varsity soccer colleges field football teams and leading soccer schools like the University of San Francisco, Indiana University, and Penn State University attract 7, to 10, spectators at home games.

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At soccer cup time, Brazil gets the biggest kick.

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Parents new to soccer do not know how to watch the sport.

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Few African-American parents know the game.

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Title IX works like a chronological Mason-Dixon line among the Montclair players, dividing the confident, experienced younger women from the tentative, inexperienced older ones, amplifying the disadvantages that age already confers in such Soccer mom amateur contribution physically taxing sport.

In fact, one Italian coach was overheard to remark that "some say football is a matter of life and death.

So there is a history of soccer in America, one that is interconnected with the lives of working-class people, but it remains for the most part undocumented.

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