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All walking time data that fulfilled the inclusion criteria were converted into 5-m walking times.

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Huang Yongzhen, the CEO of Watrix, said that its system can identify people from up to 50 meters feet away, even with their back turned or face covered.

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Weighted means for 5-m walking times were calculated as walking speeds from the Japanese and non-Asian sample data.

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Chinese police are using facial recognition to identify people in crowds and nab jaywalkers, and are developing an integrated national system of surveillance camera data.

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The inclusion criteria for non-Asian individuals were the same as those described above.

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Users must upload video into the program, which takes about 10 minutes to search through an hour of video.

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Statistical analysis was performed using the R programming language and environment version 3.

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The gait of healthy women, 76 Chinese and 41 Caucasians, was studied with an optometric system and two force plates in an 8-m walkway.

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After articles were identified, their titles and abstracts were screened, and articles not related to the main purpose of this study were excluded.

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Although ethnic differences have been suspected in physical function measures for the elderly such as walking speed 9no ethnic differences have been identified in previously reported reference Asian people walk 678and studies that address this issue have been insufficient.

Nixon believes that the technology can make life safer and more convenient.

TainanTaiwan, ROC.

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