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I watched you cum from the best seat in the house, and if you ever felt like that with any guy, shit, introduce me to him and maybe I'll turn straight too.

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Suddenly she sat up.

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Well, being the rangy cowgirl type myself, I always liked a good-sized woman.

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She jumped back.

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Her tongue went deep inside me and then suddenly I felt a fingernail pressing at my asshole.

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She leaned over me, those massive melons resting on my chest, and we kissed again, sucking each others' tongues.

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On one number we started doing the bump, then rubbing our bellies together, and I took the opportunity to say "I know how this could be even more fun without our clothes on.

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I felt her hand move down my stomach and to my wet cunt, where it traced the slit and then two fingers went inside me and I bucked with them.

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I said I was too, suggested that we should hang out together, and then started dropping more and more hints about Lesbian cowgirl sex interest in her--that she was more beautiful than the bride, that some people liked girls as big as her, that we should go to the disco in the hotel tonight, that's where the action was.

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You can experiment as much as you'd like, and when you go home no one has to know but you.

As I pulled off my own top, revealing nothing much but a pair of B cups at best, I decided to start there, and picked up Lesbian cowgirl sex of her round little feet, sucking the toes into my mouth.

I watched as she sat down at one of the bars to play video poker, and took the space beside her and struck up a conversation.

We ate each other to two or three orgasms, and later, she asked me what else there was to Lesbian cowgirl sex and we got out a strap-on and she fucked me and I fucked her, and then I fucked her in that broad beautiful ass with it for good measure.

Until then, you gave the best impersonation of a hot, sexy dyke I've seen in a while.

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