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Pins are executed by tilting both sticks up; and pressing both sticks grabs the opponent, Bikini allstar videos, who can then be attacked or thrown depending on the way the right stick is tilted.

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On his point game against the Toronto Raptors in

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The game can be played in several modes selected in the "Match Make" menu; these include exhibition matches, championships, tournaments, or leagues separated by weight.

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Regarding the game's fluidity, Gerstmann and one IGN critic compared it to the speed of an "underwater soccer match", with smooth moves coexisting with simple, three-second long movements, Bikini allstar videos.

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GameSpot called the sound decent and well executed.

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One IGN critic noted that the referee is always present on-screen, unlike many other wrestling games.

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Gerstmann added that the walking looks particularly unrealistic, in contrast with the other animations.

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It addressed the controls issue by replacing it with a new, more standard battle system, and included wrestlers from three real-life Japanese wrestling federations:

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Finally, the omission of features such as weapons and modes such as "create-a-wrestler", steel cage matchBikini allstar videos, battle royaland multiplayer tag teamwas felt as a very noticeable weak point compared to American wrestling games present on the market WWF SmackDown!

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At any time, the D-pad can be used to change the angle of the camera.

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