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On the one hand, citizens do not consider these values to play as crucial a role in the success of a marriage as the preceding values.

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Please help us - the young couple continued to complain, and

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Most of these girls don't have any education, then the workers come, qualified and unskilled ones, then house keepers, high school students and students, mostly the ones that came from the inside of the country.

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Then they go with the first one that meet on the street for dinars, or even old dinars, or for a dinner.

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Authors call the fourth factor self-sufficiency, because it focuses on the specific needs of the autocracy of married life, as a condition for the success of a marriage.

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Although they have very homophobic attitudes, the respondents mostly do not justify the use of violence against homosexual men.

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He adds that the spouses said they loved each other, they get along and they are nice with each other, but both of them was unpleasant even starting the talk about sex.

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Prostitute is left at the end with the lowest amount, even though she gives the most.

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Their importance is decreasing now, but is not entirely negligible, as in the last ten years they gained in importance as a result of the war.

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