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Dimorphism fish freshwater sexual

1. Introduction

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Sexual dimorphism and female later.

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National History Press, Garden City.

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Another example is the dragonetin which males are considerably larger than females and possess longer fins.

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The courtship and mating behavior of males and females are regulated largely by hormones throughout a bird's lifetime.

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A general assumption is that response of sexes is similar to changes in environment, but some studies have shown differential sensitivity of males and females to environmental factors such as temperature Fairbairn,thus potentially promoting variation in SSD.

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Sexual size dimorphism varies among taxa with males typically being larger, though this is not always the case, e.

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In dwarf gourami, the brilliant colour of male fish becomes more intense during breeding season.

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Gourami Different reproductive roles, niche divergence between the Gouramies are another species of fish that are not easily sexes, preference of one sex for particular traits of the other sexed.

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