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Unclench your fist lyrics

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I picked up the pad of paper we used for taking phone messages and I wrote down what are now the lyrics to this song.

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But these trivia attacks - this meaningless consumption - oh, it distracts.

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Still nothing.

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I want to drink you.

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Darkness swims around my lips, into my mouth, down to my hips, into my blood, out through my eyes.

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Old words don't mean a thing.

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You're like glass, but you're only clear to me.

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Something She couldn't feel darker than she does today.

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The Princess Of Detroit You are lust.

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Vangelis, Jean Micheal Jarre, all kinds of cool instrumental electronic artists have been in my CD collection since I was a teenager

Clench Your Fist Albums

Then louder, more bass.

I feel green.

Someday lyrics How the hell'd we wind up like this?

I want to be high in you.

I always have.

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Consider, Unclench your fist lyrics
Unclench your fist lyrics